Monday, August 1, 2011

Tips for a First Date

It's amazing the realizations you have in the mornings.
So, this morning I was washing my face for the first time in a little while. I used an exfoliator because it is summer time and I burn really easily. From burning, my forehead was starting to peel and I wanted to get rid of the dead skin STAT. I pulled out my exfoliator and went to it. 700 little circular motions later, I rinsed my face and was all done. After my face and hands had dried I realized how amazingly soft my face was! I thought to myself, "wow, this would be a great first impression for a date." So, here I am telling all of you about my new discovery. 

Here comes the cheap part:

What I used was St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub. I have literally been using this for years and it has never let me down! You can find these in any department stores around the world. They work just as great as any spa type or brand name cleanser out there and it will only cost you about $7.00 Can. Seven dollars for soft skin and a great first impression to the guy of your dreams? Not too shabby. 

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