Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Think going out to dinner and a movie is the only way to date? Think again my friends! Below I have listed the Top Five Cheap Date Night Ideas. I am here to prove you do not need tons of money to have fun! Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got (especially when your a starving student like myself).

  1. Rent a Movie: If you really must see the latest movie, then why not just rent one (or download one, but you didn't hear it from me) and stay in? My favourite thing to do is buy lots of candy from either the Dollar Store or Bulk Barn, both very cheap, and chow down. You could also have popcorn, chips or whatever you like the most. If you are daring and live close to a movie theatre you could even go up to one, buy that delicious movie theatre popcorn, then bring it right home and have your own home theatre experience! Not only do you get to eat lots of candy and popcorn, but you get to be nice and cozy next to your partner :)
  2. Go for a Walk: Honestly, you never know where you might end up when you go for a walk, but that's the fun of it! You don't need to spend half an hour standing there deciding where you want to walk, just start moving. It's also great because there is nothing to fill in the silence (may be uncomfortable for some) so it forces you to get talking. You learn tons of stuff about eachother that you may not have before.
  3. Go to the Beach: (Summer Time)The only cost for this would be on gas if you didn't live close to a beach. Gas is pretty expensive these days so I would suggests this more for the people who have a beach within close reach (that rhymed). If you bring a frisbee or ball to throw around it gives you just that much more to do. It also gives you a chance to impress him (or her) with your amazing athleticism, or to be cute because you are really terrible at sports. Either way they are going to fall madly in love with you. (Warning: they may not actually fall madly in love with you)
  4. Snowball Fight: (Winter Time) Snowball fights are great for a night of fun because there are many things that go along with it. For instance, you get to have a snowball fight, which will most likely lead to werestling in the snow (also tons of fun), which will lead to laughing and screaming, which leads to going into a cozy house with hot chocolate. You could even rent a movie to watch while you drink your hot chocolate and try to get the feeling in your toes back. OR, if you have watched just about every movie ever made by now, you could play a board game, a card game, just talk or anything else you could possibly think of.
  5. Build a Fort: This is my personal favourite. In my opinion if a guy is willing to build a fort with you and have just as much fun as you are, then he's a keeper. You can have a picnik, play games or have a sleepover! There is nothing wrong with being a kid for a night and just having plain old fun.

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