Monday, August 15, 2011

Canon Rebel T3i DSLR Camera

Oh. My. God.
I did it, I finally did it! T-minus 3 hours ago I purchased a brand new Canon T3i camera. Holy crap I am so excited!! I can now cross it off my wishlist (down below)!! Ahhh! I have been wanting this camera allllll summer and now I finally have it! This is a perfect example of how it feels when you save your money up for something that you know will be extremely rewarding. I know this edition will not be the newest camera forever, but it will last me a very, very long time and I am so excited. Get ready for a wave of new pictures and exciting looks because for the next while, all I will be doing is taking pictures!

Summer Time!

I went on vacation with my family this weekend to Summerville Beach, NS. We go every year because it is so beautiful there and we can't get enough of the beaches. My mom and I love to take pictures so we went out in the morning around the water and boast to take some pictures. It's amazing what you find when you just take some time to go for a walk and look around. Where we were was perfect scenery for picture taking and what-not. Here are some of the pictures I took while we were there: (I took way too many, but these ones were my favourite)

 Whoever doesn't like weeds, has never seen Queen Anne's Lace. 

 There were tons of inukshuks on the rocks around the water. It was a nice Canadian touch :)

 Rocks surrounding the beach

This was a rock we found. It says "to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die". Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these are lyrics from a Shins song. I thought it was so beautiful I took about 5 ba-lgdljayewfj-illion pictures of it. This one was my favourites because I was able to get one of the inukshuks behind it. How Canadian eh? A rock with a nice saying and an inukshuk beside it. What A wonderful place we live in!

This is one of the most colorful fishing boats I have seen. Wasn't as great of a picture, but hey! Still a cool boat!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Free Hugs

This is one of my absolute favourite videos because I think it is an amazing campaign! I make myself watch this video every now and then to remind myself about what really matters in life. Being kind and loving one another! It was one of my goals for the summer to own a "Free Hugs" t-shirt, and when I was at Evolve (a festival in Antigonish, NS) I finally got one!! I was so happy and in the short time that I wore it, 18 people came up to me for a hug. It was really heart warming and I wear the shirt proudly.  

Workout Without the gym!

Going to the gym costs money. To buy a membership you usually have to spend around $50 a month. That is a pretty significant amount of money and personally, I don't want to pay it. Below I have listed suggestions for how to get buff without the bucks.

  • Turbo Jam: This is my personal favourite. For those of you who haven't heard of Turbo Jam, it is a workout dvd that incorperates dancing, boxing, cardio and many, many other thing. You are moving non-stop and burn up to 750 calories each time. You can purchase these dvds at stores like Walmart for only about $10. It lasts forever and you can do it anywhere in you home, residence or any other place you may live.
  • P90X: I'm sure you have all heard about this one. It is a 90 day workout that will get you in the best shape of your life. There are 8 CD's in total, each with a different workout for specific muscles on your body. The only downfall is that it is extremely hard so in turn, it makes it hard to stick with. If you are not committed to working out, then these workouts would not be good to start out on.
  • Women's Health: A couple of days ago I bought a Women's Health guide to working out. It is FULL of workouts you can do at home, at the gym, at the pool, anywhere! It also includes heathly meal plans and tips on how to keep motivated. It is one of the most helpful magazines I have bought in a long time and I use it everyday!
  • Go for a Run...OUTSIDE: After going to the gym for a certain period of time you tend to forget or get away from the idea of running outside. I know how crappy running is, trust me I've always have a hard time trying to motivate myself to actually do it, HOWEVER when you do it is sooooo rewarding. It is the cheapest, easiest exercise you can do and we all hate it because it's hard and actually works! Going for a run outside takes virtually no preparation and about 20 mins out of your day. Really what more could you ask for. If you can motivate yourself to do it, then it will become routine, then habbit, then easy.
  • Pilates/Yoga: These ones are great for an at home workout. All you really need is a yoga matt. If you don't have one a good subsitute would be either a towel or a blanket. It is mainly there to cushion your butt and back during floor exercises, so any type of padding will do.

If all else fails and you don't want to do any of the exercises above, all you have to do is GO FOR A WALK. It is such a great way to get at least a little bit of exercise if your not willing to be all hot and sweaty. It gets you blood flowing, your heart rate up, and all of that other good stuff. Plus, when you go for a walk you may run into a friend, find a cool place you've never been, or just plain clear your head of all unwanted stresses. 

"I never regret it when I do it, but I'll always regret it if I dont"
-(not sure who its by, but they are exactly right) 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bargain of the Summer

I was so excited when I found these shopping yesterday that I HAD to tell everyone about my amazing finds.

As you may or may not have seen on my last post about "Wish Lists", you would have seen that I had combat boots and a watch on there. WELL, I was able to cross both of those of yesterday all with a trip to Walmart! Usually I don't like Walmart for things like shoes or apparel, but let me tell ya, I was throughly impressed! I found these boots at Walmart for $30 CAN. The ones that I was looking at in Aldo are $70 CAN. They look extremely similar and I am definitely willing to compromise, especially when I don't really have to!

The watch I have also been looking for, for a while. I saw one on Urban Outfitters that I really, really wanted but it would have cost tons of money with shipping and everything added in. I found my watch for less then the UO price and they look almost the exact same (With the exception of color of course).

Here I have set up a comparison to show you how alike they are:



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer Wish List

One great way to organize your spending this summer is to create a list of things you really really want. Over time (ex: the summer), you add to it and subtract from it what you really want. By the time school rolls around you will have all your money saved up and will be ready for some back to school shopping. Mind you, you do not have to save it for this time, you can save it for the middle of the summer maybe as a reward or pick-me-up to keep going. The reason it is a reward or happens only once a season is because these things are the more expensive items you've had your eye on for a long time. Personally, I like to spend in the middle of the summer because even after spending all of this money, you still get to see your bank account add up rather then go down (and stay down for the rest of the school year, assuming you don't have a job). If you are planning on having a job during the school year, then the time in which you want to spend your money is completely up to you!

Because I am obsessed with making lists for everything, I usually have a list for something year-round. This means that your wish list doesn't have to be limited to just the summer time, you can have a school wish list, winter wish list, etc. If you keep your lists it's great for when Christmas time rolls around and you have to decide what you would like as a present! It keeps you organized and makes it easier for your present giver when they are shopping.

This is my summer wish list as an example:

Sarah's Summer Wish List:

Car (I really wish...)
Really nice DSLR camera
Boots- long brown & combat
Bookbag (Urban Outfitters)

I know it may not look like much, but if I were to buy these things all at once, I would be out half of my summers earnings. Buying them over a long period of time gives you the illusion that you are spending less, but in reality you are spending the same amount of money, you just don't get to see that huge chunk leave all at once. SO...what I will most likely do is spend on the top two items I really really want, then save the rest for Christmas time. I know it may seem like a long time to wait, but trust me- good things come to those who wait. (In cheap person talk, that means it might go on sale!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Bee's Tip of the Week

ALWAYS look back.

There is a quote that says, "never look back". This is very true when you are talking about moving on from something or for metaphorical purposes, but when talking in a litteral sense, it's very untrue. It doesn't matter if you are leaving your spot at the bus stop, leaving your chair at work, or just leaving in general, you should ALWAYS look behind you to see if you forgot anything. There is nothing worse then getting home and realizing that you forgot your cell phone on the table or wallet on the chair. By looking back you always get that reassurance that nothing has been forgotten.

I know this picture is from Bob Dylan's song about not looking back, but no one needs to know that, and I thought it was still a fitting/super amazing picture.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keeping Busy on a Budget

It's inevitable, we all get bored from time to time. Here I have created some super awesome, mind blowing solutions to your dull day problems.

  1. Exercise: Ok, so I know most of you are just going to skip right by this one, but hear me out! This is a great quote I read, I don't know who it's by but I thought it was perfect. "I never regret it when I do it, but i'll always regret it when I don't." IT'S SO TRUE! Anyone who exercises (that should be everyone) knows how much motivation it takes to finally start a workout routine, but trust me it's worth it! Now, how does that apply here? Well it's not just working out to fill in time, it's how you feel after. I read another article somewhere about how after a workout you feel more energetic, more lively and more willing to do something with the rest of your day. You feel 100 ba-gillionskugfiwugekc-illion times better about yourself and it makes you actually WANT to get off the couch or desk chair and have fun! (not that you don't already have fun on the computer...)
  2. Create a Hobby:  You may be thinking, "if I had a hobby I would be doing that and not reading your silly blog!", well ok, chill out! Geeze...(hehe). OK! Assuming you do not have a hobby, lets then create one! I'm sure you have heard before, "well what do you like to do?" The problem is, you don't know. SO, there are two ways to approch this: (1) Think about your favourite subject in school, life, whatever. Try and think of a mini project you can work with on along those lines. Say you like science- look up and experiment on the internet and try to recreate it, say you like music- start taking on an instrument. Maybe you like arts or writing- start a doodle journal. This is a feelance journal (way cooler then a diary) where you can either write in it, draw in it, organize your life in it, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is open it. Another example would be if you liked gym- look up different outdoor games or make up a new one of your own! You never know, you could have just created the towns next big hit! OR: (2) do the complete opposite of your favourite subject. If your a science guy or gal, try painting/crafts/writing. If you are an artsy person, try doing an experiment, etc. It's amazing what you will try when you are bored.
  3. At Home Spa: If you are sitting at home with nothing to do and no friends to call, then why not take advantage of this 'me time' and create an at home spa for yourself? All you need is your shower, nail polish, facial masks (if you don't have any they are only about $1 CAN at any drugstore or department store), soothing music (could be a movie) and a bathrobe. Take a shower, do your nails, clean your pores and you will be revitalized in no time!
  4. Re-Organize Your Room: Maybe things have become a little too routine for you lately and you just need a change of scenery. Changing your room around is perfect for this type of crisis. It is so rewarding when your done and you will feel like a brand new you with a brand new room! 

Cheap Date Night Ideas

Think going out to dinner and a movie is the only way to date? Think again my friends! Below I have listed the Top Five Cheap Date Night Ideas. I am here to prove you do not need tons of money to have fun! Sometimes you just have to work with what you've got (especially when your a starving student like myself).

  1. Rent a Movie: If you really must see the latest movie, then why not just rent one (or download one, but you didn't hear it from me) and stay in? My favourite thing to do is buy lots of candy from either the Dollar Store or Bulk Barn, both very cheap, and chow down. You could also have popcorn, chips or whatever you like the most. If you are daring and live close to a movie theatre you could even go up to one, buy that delicious movie theatre popcorn, then bring it right home and have your own home theatre experience! Not only do you get to eat lots of candy and popcorn, but you get to be nice and cozy next to your partner :)
  2. Go for a Walk: Honestly, you never know where you might end up when you go for a walk, but that's the fun of it! You don't need to spend half an hour standing there deciding where you want to walk, just start moving. It's also great because there is nothing to fill in the silence (may be uncomfortable for some) so it forces you to get talking. You learn tons of stuff about eachother that you may not have before.
  3. Go to the Beach: (Summer Time)The only cost for this would be on gas if you didn't live close to a beach. Gas is pretty expensive these days so I would suggests this more for the people who have a beach within close reach (that rhymed). If you bring a frisbee or ball to throw around it gives you just that much more to do. It also gives you a chance to impress him (or her) with your amazing athleticism, or to be cute because you are really terrible at sports. Either way they are going to fall madly in love with you. (Warning: they may not actually fall madly in love with you)
  4. Snowball Fight: (Winter Time) Snowball fights are great for a night of fun because there are many things that go along with it. For instance, you get to have a snowball fight, which will most likely lead to werestling in the snow (also tons of fun), which will lead to laughing and screaming, which leads to going into a cozy house with hot chocolate. You could even rent a movie to watch while you drink your hot chocolate and try to get the feeling in your toes back. OR, if you have watched just about every movie ever made by now, you could play a board game, a card game, just talk or anything else you could possibly think of.
  5. Build a Fort: This is my personal favourite. In my opinion if a guy is willing to build a fort with you and have just as much fun as you are, then he's a keeper. You can have a picnik, play games or have a sleepover! There is nothing wrong with being a kid for a night and just having plain old fun.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mr. Bee's Tip of the Week

Buy out of Season

Why? Because everything is at least 50% off or more!
I went shopping just a couple days ago and bought the crap out of things that never go out of style, such as jeans and essential things for fall and winter. What a great time to buy! I got two pairs of jeans for no more then $8.00 CAN. WOWWWWWWWW!!
I know you may not be able to use these new and exciting clothes right now, but think of them as new school clothes, the anticipation to wear them just makes them SO much cooler when you actually get to.  

Tips for a First Date

It's amazing the realizations you have in the mornings.
So, this morning I was washing my face for the first time in a little while. I used an exfoliator because it is summer time and I burn really easily. From burning, my forehead was starting to peel and I wanted to get rid of the dead skin STAT. I pulled out my exfoliator and went to it. 700 little circular motions later, I rinsed my face and was all done. After my face and hands had dried I realized how amazingly soft my face was! I thought to myself, "wow, this would be a great first impression for a date." So, here I am telling all of you about my new discovery. 

Here comes the cheap part:

What I used was St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub. I have literally been using this for years and it has never let me down! You can find these in any department stores around the world. They work just as great as any spa type or brand name cleanser out there and it will only cost you about $7.00 Can. Seven dollars for soft skin and a great first impression to the guy of your dreams? Not too shabby.