Saturday, July 30, 2011

Letter Beads!

Let your childhood catch up to you because it is all coming back!
Letter beads are something you would have played with in elementary school when you made arts and craft in school. Well, whoever thought of it was a genius. I am 20 now and I still love them, I guess the kid in me never really left after all. Now, I suppose there are ways in which you could come in danger of looking tacky, but there are certainly ways to avoid it. 

The ones I have made say LOVE and Free Hugs. 
Yes I realize some may think this is a little silly, mind you, I think they are sending a good message and are just a nice reminder to always carry around with you. See, when you do it for a positive reason, there is no reason why you should be ashamed to wear them. 

I also used to have a changeable bracelet where you could put the days of the week, but after a while i got tired of changing it, so instead I would put things like "today" or "tomorrow". That way If I didn't feel like rearranging the letters, I didn't have to!

You don't have to but hippy words on it like I do, see the good thing about letter beads is that they are letters! There is an infinite amount of words you could choose. So, get creative and see what you can come up with!

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