Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know I'm all about the cheap, but sometimes a person has got to live! Below are listed the best and worst times to splurge all your money away.

  • Spend when feeling creative- Some of my best looks, or home decore has come out of creative feelings. This is good because you are putting that much more thought into your purchase and when you buy it, you know you'll love it.
  • After you've checked other stores- Once you have checked other stores either online or window shopping, feel free to spend away. Now, I dont mean you have to do two weeks worth of research in order to buy one little item, just browse around to make sure you are getting the best price.
  • Special Occasion- Special occasions make for a fun shopping treat. Splurge on that nice dress you have been wanting to get, or the nice ties those manikins wear so well. This can be a real confidence booster for your certain day, however remember it is a single special occasion, and broadening that "special occasion" spectrum does not reach out to everyday of your un-birthday (though the Mad Hatter may tell you differently).
  • When feeling upset- When you are upset your shopping trip can go one of two ways: 1) you get more upset because you can't find anything, or 2) everything you lay your hands on, you buy. Both options pretty much suck, so if we avoid it all together our walletts wont suffer along with us. Try finding other void-filling activities that don't cost you any, or as much money. My dark hole filler? SLEEP! I always feel refreshed after I wake up. 
  • When you are bored- This situation usually leads to over spending, or useless spending as I like to call it. If you are outstandingly rich and are able to do this, then power to ya! For us penny pinchers, this may not be the best idea. I always find when I shop out of boredom, that's when I buy unnecessary things. I think my purchase was great at the time, but I never used it again.

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