Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mr. Bee's Pick of the Week

Christmas Lights!

Contrary to the fact that they have "Christmas" in their name, Christmas Lights are not only for the time of gift giving and turkey eating. These twinkling lights can be used all year round in places like your bedroom or dorm room! They add an awesome fairy-like essence to you room and can make it feel more homey. This is perfect for all you so called "non-creative" people because it adds an artistic element to your sweet pad without you having to do much to any work! 

Here are a few examples from my room

Where might you find these majestic items? Well, keeping along with the cheapness theme of this blog, I have purchased mine from my local Dollarstore. Other places where you might find them is a Walmart, Hardware Store or other department stores. Christmas lights are not generally very expensive, so no matter where you look for them, they probably won't break your bank completely in half.  

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