Saturday, September 24, 2011


When you move off to university, you tend to forget that other worlds exist outside of campus. Sometimes you don't even realize it until you leave! A great way to de-stress and escape is to get off campus! Yes, there is such thing as, "the outside world". I am fortunate enough to have my brother live in the same city as I do, so I can go to his house for supper and drinks to get away. Meal hall is great and all...(not) but there isn't much that compares to a home cooked meal. (I had tacos at my bros, it was delicious :))

 You tend to forget that things like pets exist too. They are always good company. (Especially this guy below)

It can be a bit much for some individuals to be around the same people all of the time, especially if you live in res. Something as small as taking a walk downtown and eating out for supper is enough to refresh your brain.

What I love about living in such an old city is the downtown. There are so many old historical government buildings, as well as old bridges and beautiful parks. It's perfect for escaping from the concrete and glass buildings on campus.

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