Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How To Make Your Own Necklace!

Here I'm going to show you a cheap, easy way to make your very own necklace. You can really do any type of design you want, but this is an example of how I did mine.

Materials you need:

  • String- I used colored hemp from the Dollarstore (of course!)
  • Small beads- can be any size, I used two small colored beads
  • One big bead- from Michael's
  • Wire- I bought mine from Michael's, which was about $5.00 Canadian
  • Small connector rings- I'm not actually sure if that's what they are called, but it's a small ring connecting the big bead and the string. Again from Michael's
  • Pliers- I got mine cheap from the Dollarstore 
  • Scissors 
  1. First What you need to do for this necklace is cut a piece of wire long enough to wrap around your big bead a couple of times. Put the wire through the hole in the bead so that it will stay in place, and start wrapping it tightly around the sides. This is where you may need the pliers if the wire is not very bendable. 
  2. Second, take your string and cut it to your desired length. Make sure you have it doubled because it has to go around your neck, so it will be twice the length if you just measured out one strand. What I did, was made it so the bead would fall almost to my stomach, then put two slip knots in at the top so if I wanted it shorter, I could. 
  3. Third, take your connector ring and put it around the surrounding wire of the big bead, then put your string through it as well so that your necklace is now put together. 
  4. Put your two small beads through the string down to the bottom by the big bead. If they do not fit both strings (like mine didn't) just put them on one string and tie a knot with both strings above thee beads so they stay in place. 
  5. Tie either a regular knot at the top of your necklace or a slip knot (by tying a knot with only the left string over the right string and vice versa), and your ALL DONE!

This is what mine turned out like :)


  1. Keep checking back because there's going to be lots more!