Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pump Up Your Wardrobe

Bored? Lacking interest in your wardrobe lately? Wellllllll......don't I have a solution for YOU! Something I find really fun when I'm bored is to go through my closet. Now, this blog is all about being cheep so I don't mean go out and by all new clothes. Take a look at your closet. What haven't you worn in a while? Pair it up with something you never thought it would look good with. No matter how many clothes I have I always end up finding a new outfit or new crazy style. I know some of you may not be adventurous when it comes to wearing new clothes butttttt, if you are willing to try out a new style this is a great way to do it, PLUS you have the comfort of wearing your old clothes. Trust me it will seem weird for the first couple of new outfits but soon it will become the norm and then you will be looking for even more new and exciting ways to spice up your wardrobe!

This is what happened when I went scrounging around my closet...

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