Friday, February 1, 2013

Giveaway Entry

I've been following along with one of my favourite blogs, Selective Potential, who has really awesome looks/contest/thoughts and just overall blog. Right now she has a new giveaway contest going on that I really couldn't pass up.

I've recently realized that entering small giveaways and contests like these are an awesome way to see other blogs that you may have never found on your own. (because there are billions of us out here...) SO, this is a cool way to see what others have to offer, get your name out there and maybe even win something! (wink, wink)

  1. The first site I looked at was . They've got some really cute dresses and tops that are the perfect dressy/casual in between-er.   

What really caught my eye was the Winter Solstice Infinity Scarf (typical Canadian). Besides being an awesome mustard color, knit and undoubtably warm, it's only $7.50! It's so refreshing seeing stores/blogs with good quality clothes for reasonable prices. I probably wouldn't be able to find a cheaper scarf if I looked around Wal-Mart (and definitely not one as chic ;) ). Follow this link and have a look for yourself! Infinity Scarf

taken from
I need it.

2. The second site I visited was
Holy crap I love this site. 

Thank you Tieka from Selective Potential for introducing me to this wonderful shop! They've got the really good idea of having store items on the front page with a clock counting down, to the second, their sale price availability. What a good way to get people to buy! As soon as I realized the countdown was already in the process, I immediately thought, "oh my god I need to get one of these NOW"

My favourite items (after a long internal debate) were the Made by Jewels earrings. They've got a lot of really cool patterns and I honestly don't know how anyone could ever choose out of all of them. I want them all. 
taken from

3. The third prize is to win adspace on  the Shannon Hearts blog. 

This would be so awesome to win because with the amount of activity going on, you're bound to get some attention! I really admire that about Shannon because the blog really reflects what I can only imagine, is a lot of work. Her blog looks clean, organized, personal (with little hearts discreetly popping up behind tabs)and just overall really nice. 


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